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Liquid Safety Solutions

So much more than just spill control, Spilfyter products help:

  • Prevent slips, trips and falls
  • Meet government regulations
  • Reduce risk
  • And yes, be prepared when that spill does happen!

Using our extensive range of Spilfyter products, FyterTech Nonwovens delivers liquid safety product solutions in to every market and industry where industrial, safety and environmental leaks, drips and spills are a concern.

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Founded in 1996, FyterTech supports it's European, Asian and Australian business with a wide range of spill control products to help businesses identify, neutralize and clean up leaks and spills. Browse our online product database to review our complete selection and choose the solution that is right for your operation.


Products, Solutions, and News from Liquid Safety Solutions

Sustayn 41cm x 46 cm Recycled Oil Only Heavyweight Sorbent Pads (100 ct)

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Sustayn 81cm x 46m Recycled Oil Only Heavyweight Sorbent Roll

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Sustayn 41cm x 46 cm Recycled Universal Heavyweight Sorbent Pads (100 ct)

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Sustayn 81cm x 46m Recycled Universal Heavyweight Sorbent Roll

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Spilfyter Product Solutions

  • Universal, Oil Only & Chemical Sorbent Pads & Rolls
  • Specialty Sorbents like Socks, Pillows & Drum Top Covers
  • Spilfyter High Visibility Pads & Rolls
  • Spill Kits in a Variety of Sizes and Capacities
  • Neutralizers & Classifiers
  • Wiping Products
  • Specialty Spill Response
  • Spill Containment

Launching two new products for 2021!

Order these new products now to kick off 2021. Introducing our new Flat Sock and range of Site Mat portable spill containment products.

Flat Sock Site Mat

Liquid Safety Solutions by FyterTech Nonwovens offers a full line of Spilfyter sorbents designed to absorb and contain spills ranging from hydrocarbon-based liquids to non-aggressive and aggressive chemicals. Please review our online product portfolio for additional details.

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