Lab & Healthcare

Featured Products:

Poly-Backed Sorbents

These skid-resistant, leak-proof pads help keep your work environment neat and clean and offer a three-ply construction resulting in a low-lint, high strength, non-slip product that keeps fluids from reaching the floor.

  • Keeps surgical rooms safe and dry
  • Place around scrub sinks that are likely to be high-traffic wet areas


Cleanroom Pads & Pillows

Cleanroom pads and pillows are perfect for hospital, laboratory and research environments. These low and extra-low lint sorbents will keep your work areas safe from spills and chemical over-runs.

  • Extra low lint pads provide for a 100% lint free cleanroom where airborne particles are prohibited
  • Hazmat pads encased in tear resistant, low lint spunbond
  • Static resistant


Lab Surface Soaker Pads

Heavy-duty soakers are made with a clear poly backing to prevent skids and chemical soakthrough, while absorbing 1 liter per square meter. Light-duty soakers are made with multiple layers of 100% recycled absorbent tissue with a waterproof, skid-resistant and chemical resistant poly backing.

In addition, we offer many other products critical to the safe operation of laboratory and medical work environments:

  • HazMat Sorbent Pads, Socks & Rolls - color-coded yellow for safety!
  • Neutralizers & Classifiers
  • Specialty Chemical & Neutralizer Spill Kits