FyterTech Nonwovens Announcement

Posted: 02-08-2021

Just one year ago we launched Liquid Safety Solutions by NPS Spill Control. While 2020 certainly brought its challenges, we continued to build on our brand and successfully guided our business through the pandemic. But 2020 changed us too. While the heart of our business continues to be spill control, we saw what our organization could be and have “reshaped” the business to reflect our new vision.


We are very excited to introduce our new company name:   FyterTech Nonwovens™ LLC!!  In addition to clearly identifying our business as a nonwoven company, the FyterTech brand embodies the fighting spirit that has allowed us to thrive during the pandemic and pays homage to our core spill control Spilfyter brand . The new company will be made up of three distinct divisions:  Spill Control, Filtration and Health & Hygiene.


Announced concurrently with our new name is the sale of the towel and tissue division along with the NPS name that is synonymous with those brands. The official press release has also been posted for your reference.


The new FyterTech Nonwovens will leverage our new technologies and resources to bring new products to market. Building on the Department of Defense award we received last year, we are investing in equipment and staff to support this expansion – careful not to divert strength and energy from our core business.


Our existing spill control division, Liquid Safety Solutions and its associated branding, website, etc. will remain its own entity. Our core focus on spill control and delivering the best products that allow you to “Absorb It, Wipe It, and Contain It” has not changed. Re-organizing our business this way will allow us to minimize any disruption or confusion in the market. The spill control team will remain in place “as is” to ensure continued growth and support for our customers.


We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us and will certainly be sharing additional news and information in the future!



Andy Hetzel                                                             Ben Brumfield

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer                    Senior Vice President

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